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Formal Inauguration

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06 Oct 2017

The upcoming academic year, to commence on 14th October with a celebration connected with the University 20th Anniversary, will be special for all of us!

Our University was founded exactly 20 years ago under the name of „Higher Education School of Marketing and Management”.

Apart from the students, many distinguished guests from Poland and abroad confirmed the presence at the celebration. Also passers-by will be met with warm welcome, as numerous suprises have been prepared for them too.

Inauguration commences at 16.00 in the main building. You are invited.


  • 1.         Polish  National Anthem.
  • 2.         School banner  is brought and guests are welcome.
  • 3.         First show of the film  about the history of the  University.
  • 4.         Rector’s speech.
  • 5.         Representative of the Students Board’s speech
  • 6.         Matriculation  of Freshmen.
  • 7.         Academic year 2017/2018  is pronounced open.
  • 8.         Student’s Anthem „Gaudeamus Igitur”.
  • 9.         Opening lecture: Prof. zw. dr hab. inż. Leszek Kiełtyka – „ Multimedia processes in the  management  information  systems”.
  • 10.         Closing  down of the ceremony.
  • 11.         Refreshments in  Oscar Wilde Pub (17:00-17:30).