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Film and Media specialization

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Specialization Film and Media is an area of studies which concentrates on the theory, practice and analysis of film and broadly understood audiovisual culture. Classes include theoretical matters and practical activities, among them, topics of film production, directing, screenwriting, editing and animation.

Courses include theory and practice taught in English and/or Polish by traditional methods and online. Moreover, some courses will be taught in international collaboration between WSEH and Departments of Film and Media in Europe.

During the course of studies, a student will have an opportunity to produce short films, which will allow him to apply for jobs in the audiovisual sector active in the production of fiction films, documentary films and visual advertising.  


Below are examples of lectures and classes for this specialization:

  • History of film and media: evolution of film, television and other media from the beginning to the contemporary times. Analysis of artistic directions, styles and works.

  • Theory of film and media: study of theoretical basis of film and media, analysis of narration, symbolics, semiotics and audiovisual aesthetics.

  • Film and television production: practical classes related to film and television production, such as, screenwriting, directing, production, shooting, editing and sound.

  • Analysis of audiovisual works: critical assessment and interpretation of films, TV programs, advertisements and other digital media in view of artistic, social, cultural and political aspects.

  • Audiovisual culture: study of mass culture and popular culture in the context of cultural and social identity formation.

  • Professional preparation: confirmation of professional praxis, possibility of internship and cooperation with film production sector, television production sector and advertising, the purpose of which is to prepare students for actual work in filmmaking profession.


Specialization FILM and MEDIA prepares students for various career paths in film, television, advertising, film texts editing and other areas associated with production and analysis of audiovisual media. Additionally, knowledge gained while studying this specialization may be also applied in education, film criticism and in independent work as a creator of digital content.  


A graduate of this Specialization at the first level:

  • Can solve professional problems; gather, process and transfer information about media and film in a written and verbal form; and participate in work activities in the process of production for film and media

  • Has the ability to work at publishing houses as editor, writer and proofreader in the areas of film and media; can work in journals, edit webpages, blogs and other internet resources and can work in business sectors which require solid knowledge of visual culture

  • After graduation with this specialization, a job candidate can apply practical aspects of this education to the organization of film retrospectives, film and media festivals and to the production of short independent films for the requirements of small business.

The faculty:

Professor Janina Falkowska is a retired professor of the University of Western Ontario in Canada and a full-time professor at the University of Economics and Humanities in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. She specializes in the film theory, film history, Western European cinemas (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), Eastern European cinemas (Poland, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic), The European Union, globalization, migration, ethnic relations (in film), studies in Bakhtin’s theories of dialogism and affect theory. She is the author of two books about Andrzej Wajda, the renowned director of Polish cinema, and editor of three books about Eastern-European cinema, all written in English. Moreover, Professor Falkowska is the author of more than twenty articles and book chapters about film and film theory. She is also an organizer of four international conferences and the main coordinator of research projects about small cinemas.

At present, Prof Falkowska lectures on the anthropology of culture, North American in its visual aspects, theory of culture and media, and globalization and migration in North American and European cinemas.


My dream is to set up Specialization in Film and Media in English and Polish at the University of Economics and Humanities in Bielsko-Biala. The city of Bielsko-Biala has a rich cultural life, impressive artistic traditions, and, it is the place where the cult Studio of Animated films is situated. We plan to teach history and aesthetics of film as well as practical aspects of film production with the help of knowledgeable and experienced theoreticians and practitioners of film and media at our friendly university.

Welcome, Prof WSEH Janina Falkowska

Neel Naik has over two decades of experience as a creative director and producer, as well as a decade-long tenure as an educator in higher education. His expertise includes production, directing, cinematography, and editing. Currently, he is a visiting associate professor at the School of Applied Arts (ESART) - IPCB, where he teaches photography, cinematography, editing, direction, and audiovisual production. Neel Naik is a seasoned professional who heads RA Atelier, a versatile production company that specializes in films, TV, and new media. The company has completed over 150 projects across continents, including documentaries, educational films, corporate films, and shorts. Neel Naik earned his degree in Architecture from CEPT (Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India), followed by a master's in Film and TV Production from the University of Bristol (Bristol, UK), and a specialization in Audiovisual and Media Production from IPCB (Castelo Branco, Portugal). He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Media Arts at the University of Beira Interior and is a dedicated researcher affiliated with LABCOM at the University of Beira Interior and TECHN&ART at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. His research primarily focuses on socio-cultural and political perspectives in the genres of fiction and non-fiction, cinema, architecture, and new media. Neel Naik was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in 1975.

A short film created by Neel Naik, showcasing his creativity and editorial experience.

Academic title:

Dr in Cultural and Film Studies
Graduate of Film and Communication Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland

Professional and academic areas of interest:

My professional research areas include broadly understood culture and communication: cinema, literature and music. I specialize in the forms and purposes of narration (from myths to comics), in the construction of texts and film signs in film language.

Word to the students:

During our meeting we will write a fiction film screenplay together.

Professional title:


Professional and academic areas of interest:

Graphics, design, UX/UI, animation, illustration, copywriting/storytelling.

Creative processes in combining image, word and sound.

Creativity in work and life.

Other information:

I am a designer, an illustrator, a musician, an instructor and an entrepreneur.

I have extensive experience in creating advertisements. For many years I have been creating content, typography, composition, technology, ergonomics (UX, UI), montage and compilation of image, word and sound.

I have worked for international Advertising Agencies, such as Ogilvy, Young & Rubicam, Wunderman.

Author of books: "Książeczka zdrowia copywritera" (wyd. Onepress 2006) oraz "Reklamowa Gra w słowa".

Prizes: Złote Orły, Boomerang, Golden Arrow.

Completed advertising projects for: Generali, BOLS, Philip Morris, Porsche, KFC, Mastercook, IBM, Mattel, Leroy Merlin, Drogerie Natura, Boehringer Ingelheim, Kamis , Heyah, Królewskie, Diageo, Premium Club, Era GSM, Nivea,  Masterfoods, Palmolive et al.