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On the ground of the permit of the Minister of National Education no. DNS-1-0145-264/TBM/97 dated 31 July 1997, the Higher School of Management and Marketing in Bielsko-Biała was created. The school was entered in the registry of non-state universities of the Ministry of National Education as number 126.

Due to the school’s development and the establishing of new fields of education, the school changed its name to The University of Economics and Humanities on 10 November 2000 on the basis of the agreement of the Minister of National Education no. DNS.1-0145-6/2/JL/2000.

The University of Economics and Humanities in Bielsko-Biała is a non-state university providing vocational and academic education at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree studies. Undergraduates of the school receive the title “Licencjat”, which serves as a qualification for practicing in the field of one’s major and also to continue studies on MA courses which are also provided by the University.


From 1997 our mission is: "to arouse in students unbridled curiosity of the world".

Educational programs in all fields were drawn up in such a way that the school “produces” graduates who are sought-after professionals with a fluent knowledge of languages, who have practical computer and Internet skills and who possess good workplace skills and knowledge of work conditions in the European Union.

The founder of the school is Centrum Promocji Biznesu sp. z o.o. (the Centre of Business Promotion Ltd).

The school’s administrative bodies include the Senate and the following individual offices: Rector and Chancellor. The school is administered in accordance with the regulations of the statute.


University has implemented Gender Equality Plan to promote equality and diversity as values that enable all staff and doctoral students at UEH to develop freely and fulfill their potential, which translates into personal well-being as well as into balanced, secure, empowered and autonomous environment, as well as to increasing the quality of research.