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II degree studies

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We offer the following management specialties in English (and much more in Polish language):

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The aim of the specialty is to equip the graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage Human Resources composed of people with diversified cultural background, both on domestic market as well as in foreign corporations abroad. The MA degree holders will have the instruments and qualifications required to work on the managerial positions in enterprises employing culturally diversified teams, in international marketing departments, HR departments and as consultants in international corporations and in diplomacy.


  • Culturally Diversified Environment in Business
  • Leadership
  • Business Strategies for Culturally Diversified Environment
  • International Business Analysis
  • Monography lecture- Diplomatic Protocol
  • Legal and Political Cultures in Selected Countries
  • International Teams Management
  • International Finance
  • MA Diploma Seminar

This unique MA degree scheme is designed to meet the demand for a modern arts and cultural manager. The programme is a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills enriched with arts-based component. Nowadays creative leadership is necessary in managing artistic works on display, cultural heritage and sustainability at local, national and transnational levels.

MA degree holders will find their employment in the management of museums, centers of culture, cinemas, theatres art galleries also as consultants and advisors to the local authorities.

I Theoretical component (75 hours):

1. Overview of epoques from antiquity to modern times

- Literature and theatre

- Architecture and fine arts

- Film, cinema and media

2. Theoretical aspects of historical monuments conservation

3. Fund raising

II Practical component (15 hours):

1. Workshops and presentations conducted by members of cultural institutions managment (in situ)