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Detailed information about registration, rules of enrolment, application schedule, fees and necessary documents for Ist and 2nd degree schemes (BA and MA) - strategy for everyone

Admission to the University of Economics and Humanities is available for everyone, provided that a candidate meets all the requirements indicated in the article 69, paragraph 2 of the Bill of Higher Education of 30th August 2018 as well as those established by the University. This means that there are no entrance examinations. The decision of admission is sent to the candidate by traditional mail to the address indicated on the application form.

Detailed information has been explained in the Senate Standing Orders concerning recruitment process (see below).

In the first year of studies the University offers assistance to the students who have problems with meeting the requirements, in the form of additional make-up courses and individual consultations in order to level the chances.

Initial selection of candidates is done during the first examination session, which verifies the outcomes in knowledge, skills and competences as well as their academic skills.

Important dates

​Due to the situation in Ukraine, the enrolment for the winter semester of the 2022/2023 academic year is open.